Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Work in Progress

One of my fellow ryuugakusei friends up here, Hilary, brought up the fact that we're all talking like we're in prison. "What's the first thing you're going to do when you get out home?", is the current most popular question. And then I realized that I think about this alot. Alot.

So much that I will make a list, because god forbid I don't have many places to stick my sticky notes around here.

  • Eat a steak. A big, juicy, medium-well grilled steak.
  • Pee while actually sitting down. I never though this would even be a possible issue. Wrong.
  • Throw all of my trash into one bin that can fit more than 3 sheets of paper in it.
  • Have cereal for breakfast.
  • Hell, just have breakfast food for breakfast.
  • Catch a form of public transportation after 9pm on a Saturday.
  • Map out all of the nearby WiFi spots and give thanks.
  • Hug my Macbook Pro.
  • Yell at AT&T regarding why my phone hasn't had service until we drove up to East Kabum.
  • Order a large pizza while paying less than $30
  • Shower. In an upright position.
  • Use the dryer. Enjoy the soft feel and clean scent afterwards
  • Not wake up at 4am just because the sun rose.
  • Eat a bagel. Like, a real bagel.
  • Drink milk. Like, real milk.
  • Stop complaining about hand dryers in restooms and just enjoy the fact that they at least have soap.

More to come :D

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  1. There's a reallllllly old Peanuts cartoon where Charlie Brown buys a trashcan. He brings it home wrapped in paper. When he gets home, he takes off the paper and throws it in the trashcan, which completely fills it. The last frame is of Charlie Brown looking very puzzled and saying, "Now what?" :D